Silo Inspections & Diagnostics – preventing catastrophic failures

In light of recent high profile, catastrophic silo failures, Consultec is offering plant operators an inspection program to assess the safety of their silos. With over 35 years experience designing and troubleshooting storage silos in various industries, our team of engineers bring a unique perspective to this important task.


The program consists of:

- Visual inspection of the silo;

- High level structural review for compliance with current codes;

- Review of operations to identify unforeseen loading conditions;

- Report with recommendations.


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Consultec and CPI announce strategic partnership to deliver international full service engineering

Consultec and CPI (Cement Performance International) are pleased to announce the formation of a single strategic partnership that will leverage the skills and accumulated experience of the two companies to deliver an international full service cement engineering capability to clients in the cement and minerals processing industries.


Consultec, headquartered in Canada, has been offering integrated engineering solutions for cement and mining projects for over 35 years. Together with their subsidiary, Walter Dow Associates, Consultec has developed an international reputation for excellence and innovation in delivering multi-disciplinary engineering around the world. Consultec’s strengths are focused on the conceptual, fundamental and detailed multi-disciplinary engineering design of projects combined with project management, procurement and construction management.


CPI, founded in 2002 and headquartered in the UK, has a unique mix of business and operations people working alongside technical experts to offer cement manufacturers in-depth knowledge and expertise to help optimise their technical and financial performance and deliver increased profitability. CPI’s core skills complement Consultec’s project strengths to include strategic analysis with pre and full feasibility studies. In addition, CPI’s operating experience base allows them to provide technical and operational training on all aspects of cement manufacture and at all levels, from operators to executives, commissioning services for completed projects and on-going operational support to optimise equipment operations.


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